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Nude mother in law tumblr

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Its easy to say drink 4 ltrs of water daily, but what they never tell you is how many times you will have to pee. My clear piss hit the shit and sent pungent fumes rising everywhere.

Tumblr naked mother in law

Long smooth pieces of shit sunk at the bottom of a brown solution. I was getting hard looking at her in this position and she knew it too.

The central power figure in her family. I rushed to the toilet and slid the door open.

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It was hairy and big. She looked much better without clothes.

Finally it was empty. I just enjoyed it.

In a conservative society like ours, this is way beyond wrong. I told my wife her dad asked for my help next weekend again and, sure enough, she has to work. All yours, she said pointing to the pot.

I took down my shorts and my hard cock sprang out. To be continued. It just hardened my cock and I squinched my eyes as I forced it all out.

I walked to the pot. Finally she let her top cover the part and she pulled up her shorts.

Mom in law tumblr

They had these doors installed in all the toilets. I pressed the flush button gazing deeply into her big eyes. Utmblr only was she in the toilet, she was sitting on the pot, wearing a loose red top, shorts on the floor, pooping and peeing with slight farts, staring directly into my eyes.

She seemed a bit upset the first time she saw me recording video with my phone but I just smiled and asked her which rule it was breaking before continuing to film her sexy ass swaying in front of me. Just please remember two rules for the trip; no telling and no touching.

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I like sliding doors, you just have to give it a push and it Sex tonight in Oudtshoorn South Africa reveals another world. She mothet sat there as if this was all very normal, she could have been smoking a cigarette if she had smoked. I had always jerked off to thoughts of fucking her. What came over me idk, maybe its something about power seeing someone in such a vulnerable state, I just stood in the door and looked at her, almost smiling.

She lived on the ground floor.

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Unde had just had my 10th glass of water and I was already on my way to the toilet. But wait! What made it annoying was it meant more work for me and less spreading the load around. After that we just stayed like that for what seemed like a long period of intense taboo build up. But overall it was sexy.

I pointed my cock at the nnude and let it go. We both proceeded to wash our hands. I was already nearly out of their driveway when my mother-in-law caught up with me and hopped into the passenger seat. She stood there and saw all of it.