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Nissan altima common problems I Am Wanting Swinger Couples

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Nissan altima common problems

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Other drivers experienced the stall while the car was parked.

Nissan altima

Has all the features I like in an automobile. Took the car back to the dealership and had a complete battery service on the car for free because they told me my battery was fine and good at the time of service but in fact was not.

For, and Nissan Altima models with a 2. If the oil has been leaking for a long time, drivers would sometimes hear noise coming from the engine because of low oil pressure.

I also enjoy the additional safety features they have been introduced in the vehicle. They are so sporty and flashy. with any comments or concerns. When I commin them about it around April they stated that there was not a known issue with their transmissions when I called customer service. It can be commob very dangerous issue because the car stalls while underway, bringing drivers to an abrupt stop in the middle of traffic.

The most common altima problems

Biridiana S on July 16, Helpful. Then it got worse! Advertise Advertising on CarComplaints. So we get to the Woodrow Wilson Service Stop which I usually do and go in, come back out, and try to drive the car over to the altjma area to get Octane Buster for the gas to see if that resolves the issue.

The audio for directions sometimes does not work. So my car has been great to my knowledge until the last week or so. This problem is often altimz by a failed camshaft position sensor or a failed crankshaft position sensor.

lroblems Overall, it is a car I would recommend. The Bose speakers provide for easy listening during commutes to work or on your long trips.

Nissan altima: the most common complaints you should know about

If anyone else has an transmission issues with a Altima please share! We were on the DE bridge if anyone knows that bridge you would know that's not a place for this to happen.

The drive is smooth and comfortable. The are nice and classy. Model years and are also affected. Nice color options and trim levels.

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Although 16 model years were affected — through — Nissan never issued a recall. These are the most common complaints with the Nissan Altima cimmon, though they have all been corrected in the Nissan Altima.

The quality is not great. Then they had to replace the battery because it was dead.

Ray Xommon on July 16, Helpful Nissan Altima sl is well-deed but has a higher than desirable price. Catalytic converter failure Another problem reported with the Nissan Altima is the check engine light coming on due to catalytic converter failure.

Catalytic converter failure

Price nisssan right. It is very close to the maxima which I wanted until I saw the price tag and the rest of the features and compared the two automobiles. The car didn't really want to accelerate up that bridge and there was only 2 lanes because there is currently comnon on the bridge. Great car though. Now it is July and they were in a class action lawsuit stating that people with this vehicle need to bring the car in because of transmission issues.

What's wrong with YOUR car? The car is good price available to purchase. Apple carplay is the best thing to happen to in car entertainment.

The back seat is spacious with plenty of legroom for passengers. This car can literally almost drive itself, it alerts you when Online hot girl chat Culbertson Nebraska are going to hit a car, can steer by itself on the highway. Vehicle Problems Find out what cars to avoidview the latest problem trendsor keep up-to-date with the most recently reported problems.

March 7, The Nissan Altima has been a solid vehicle for the Japanese automaker, and the Altima is no exception. So since it's Sunday and the car got there later Friday after they didn't have time to really check for the problem and I am expected to have the true diagnosis of the car tomorrow on Monday, I will follow-up later. There are also a lot of small cracks where dirt, dust, and crumbs are able to fall into, primarily where the gearshift is.

The car drives smooth and easy to drive.

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This problem altma caused by the distributor driven by the camshaft leaking and causing a malfunction. They are all around good cars but the only problem I have is that the Bluetooth sometimes doesn't connect to my phone.

Nice interior and good accessories. So I thought it might have been a computer glitch from when I started the car back up after filling up the gas tank from half to full for the road trip.

It is very good type of car and able to drive to a lot of place like trips and drives. Trunk has decent amount of space but cannot hold any very large objects.