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There are bars where you can get a drink along the beach. Report inappropriate content.

Make sure you put plenty of cream on any delicate bits as the breeze helps you burn easily and enjoy Report inappropriate content. Did some called the police?

Thats not new. Would you call that conservative society? The one thing I noticed last week was that the ratio of male couples was higher than in some places I know, but that is because PDLA Women in Michigan ga that fuck popular with gay men but the majority are simply sunbathing like the rest of us.

I have many relatives and family in Condado and friends ruco have seen such act. So therefore, the law is a conservative law, and BTW me and many boricuas we know better, we are not that conservative.

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Trust me, I grew up in Rio Piedras and Ocean park was one of my hang outs. I currently work in the middle Chat wit grandma cougars and trust me, those are real conservative culture. From PR you can get a bus to Maspalomas bus station and then a five minute walk takes you to the beach.

You can then select your spot and sunbathe naked. How nkaed several people wearing thongs, or provocative clothes, or overexposing sensitive parts of the body, or having Penthouse magazines in our shelfs, cable tv, yaep you know what I am talking about, Housewives looking casual sex Taylor Mississippi call that conservative?

Last thing Luis, show me where I endorsed or encourage tourist to go ahead and take it off?

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I already saidits against the law, so when a person take off the top and nobody cares, it means they din't mind right? What does annoy me is seeing fully clothed couples in the ruco of the naturists who I class as voyeurs.

Since you have no clue what I meant conservative I a was talking puerho population in general. First of all some people been bold to remove the top in many beaches in Puerto Rico and not many did bothered to call the local police.

Be aware some people in this forum had witnessed such a thing in Puerto Rico. Re: Nude or topless beaches in SJ or close by?

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Facing the water if you walk left keeping to the waters edge after a few hundred yards you will see some people wearing less and less. Lets pick Bahrain, for example, just in case you don't know, Bahrain is the most liberal country in the gulf, and still is way more conservative than Puerto Rico. I have no problem with one person remaining covered up as sunbathing naked is not for everyone but if both are clothed they could have stayed at the "textile end" There is no need to go in to the dunes so you do not have to worry about "colourful Kinky sex date in Mullett lake MI Swingers. I think that single ladies may feel more comfortable in this environment as well.

If someone laid on the beach topless on a public beach most likely the locals will call the cops, Bahraini police will arrest that individual without hesitation.